Summer Fun

My hubby and I are coordinating a summer playground program at our community center this year.  It started yesterday and will run through July 30.  We have three kids right now, but I think that next week we will have more.  We made nature notebooks yesterday and recorded weather observations.  Today we took a walk around the playground and noticed plants and leaves.  The one boy seemed genuinely excited about the plants and was picking one of just about everything.  We, of course, made sure they did not pick the poison ivy!  Hubby remarked that it was like the boy was noticing plants for the first time, and I remarked that he probably was.  It was especially interesting to him to discover that some of the plants were edible, though hubby pointed out it is not a good idea to eat plants that are growing near roads.  I think we will try to take them on a field trip Thursday to Kanawha Falls to check out more plants and trees and have a longer nature walk.  Maybe even show him Cathedral Falls, which is always fun.  It is always neat to help a kid discover the world around them.

We took the leaves and plants back to the classroom and made a collage out of them — gluing them to construction paper.  Tomorrow we will take a flower press so we can do it properly next time.  I will have to post a pic tomorrow.

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2 thoughts on “Summer Fun

  1. Great thing to be doing trapperhoney,
    Hey, yeah probably was the first time the kid ever noticed plants, if he’s like many today, who never leave the video games.

    lol reminds me of a couple of my cousins daughters when they were young and stayed at my Granny’s house some after school and weekends.

    Granny fed them Fish-Sticks, and those Crinkly french fries way too often, but that was there favorites.

    So there was a day when Granny was out of those frozen Crinkly Cut fries, so she cut up some potatoes in strips, and made good old french fries:

    They both took a bite and said Ewww, we don’t want those, we want REAL french fries…lol Kids say the darndest things as they say.
    God Bless you and your hubby…

  2. What fun! You and your hubby must be energetic people taking on this project. I hope you have a good response and enjoy playing! I am sure the kids will.

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