About Me

I grew up in the little town of Rand in the great state of West Virginia (Almost Heaven!)  I was the third generation of my family to graduate from DuPont High School in 1990.  My grandmother graduated from DuPont, but from the old school which was the junior high when I attended.  My father and mother both graduated from there, as did my parents’ siblings and my brother.  I gradated from DuPont High School and Carver Career Center, both with honors.

I went on to Appalachian Bible College, graduating in 1994 with a BA in Bible and Theology with a concentration in Bible Family Counseling.  I stayed on a year as secretary to the Dean of Students and Registrar.

I moved back home the summer 1995 and began dating the man I would marry.  At the time he lived in Erie, PA.  In April 1996 we were married and I moved to Columbus, PA with him where he was working as a plasterer.

In the fall of 2000 we moved back to Charleston, WV.  It was at this time I discovered Themestream and started my column, Journal Alchemy.  I became a featured columnist and my articles were very popular.  I also taught some journaling classes through the site Inspired2Write.com.

I am a homemaker who has discovered crochet and am attacking it with a passion.  I enjoy journaling, cross stitch, letterboxing and Bible study.  I’d like to get back into my role as journaling coach through this blog.


10 thoughts on “About Me

    • thank you! i’ve already found one post of yours i enjoyed 😉 where in the uk are you at? i visited Berwick, Edinborough, Pitlochry, Northampton, Westbourne and Chichester in 1994 as part of a college trip…. Oh, and London too. I made a pilgrimage to 221 B Baker Street. *sigh*

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