Crochet Daze

dogwood blossom baby blanket

This is what I’ve been up to.  Crocheting is how I deal with stress — it’s how I relax.  These are two pretty patterns I acquired and just had to do them.

The first one is a dogwood blossom baby blanket.  I tried to start out with a different kind of yarn, baby yarn I could get locally without having to drive twenty miles away to wal-mart.  But, they only had white and light pink and I only got a few rows done when i needed to switch to the dark pink.  So when I went to walmart i just got all new yarn — the kind called for in the pattern. 

filet crochet cross and rose baby blanket

I’ve had this pattern for awhile and just got around to doing it.  To be honest I’m putting off assembling another afghan I have waiting in the wings.  This past winter I crocheted 86 hexagon snowflake motifs and got bogged down when I started trying to whip stitch them together.  I hate sewing stuff in crochet.  I learned a way of joining blocks together with crochet so I’ll give that a try.  But it’s easier to just work  on a blanket that is all one piece, more or less.  I didn’t really like how the rose turned out, but that was the pattern design.  If I do this again I may try a different rose pattern.

variations on a theme CAL afghan

This afghan I started in January as part of a crochet-a-long (CAL) a designer was sponsoring on her blog.  I got bogged down and didn’t keep up with it.  But I did finally get it finished.  Part of why I didn’t finish with everyone else was that the pattern she was giving was just going to make a throw and I wanted a blanket.  So I crocheted more squares and rectangles than it called for.  I started out with a color scheme — alternating six colors for the blocks, but eventually i ran out of those colors and couldn’t find more yarn the same color or just could afford to buy it, so I had to start including other colors from skeins I had lying around.  It’s not something I would normally do.  I’m not one to just throw a bunch of colors together that don’t really match, but I stepped out of my OCD comfort zone for this.  Everyone tells me it’s beautiful.  I say, at least it’s finished!

Journaling Prompts 8/9

MONDAY:  What is your favorite childhood summer memory?

TUESDAY:  Go out after dark and catch fireflies.  Write about the experience.  How did it make you feel?  Did memories come to mind?

WEDNESDAY:  Go out after dark, lie out in the yard and stare at the stars for at least 10 minutes.  Let your mind wander.  Write about the experience.

THURSDAY:  Have you ever made homemade icecream?  What kind is your favorite?  If you’ve never had homemade icecream, what is your favorite store-bought kind and why?  Describe it — how it looks and tastes.

FRIDAY:  If you’ve ever eaten watermelon, how do you like to eat it?  What games have you played eating watermelon?  If you’ve never played games with watermelon, research them and write about it.

SATURDAY:  What is your favorite summer holiday/occasion and why?

SUNDAY:  What kind of animals do you see in the summer?  Which is your favorite?  Why?

SPIRITUAL:  Do you think there is a “summer season” to your spiritual journey?  Explain.

Daily Bible Reading

John Chapter 4

Day 1: v1-11

Day 2: v12-24

Day 3: v25-38

Day 4: v39-45

Day 5: v46-54


For tips on Bible journaling to get more out of your daily readings, visit the “Bible Journaling” tab at the top of the page.


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Busy Bee

Since I have a beehive on my avatar I figured I would compare myself to a bee rather than a beaver.  Beavers are methodical while bees just kind of buzz around in a frenzy, and that’s what I feel like.

Our playground program is officially over.  The sports camp continued through last week, but now that is over and Travis (the sports camp coordinator) should be home in Michigan by now.  I’m looking forward to things calming down some and getting back to blogging on a regular basis.

I am helping a friend get set up in ministry.  We’ve fixed up a fan page for him on facebook, and I just got done setting up a blog here on WordPress for him.  There isn’t much going on at the blog or the fan page at the moment, but we will be working on it this week.  I think he has some video we will try to upload, and hopefully some pics.  He juggles, and he uses juggling to present the gospel.  It is fun to watch.  I helped him come up with a name — the Evanjugglist — and I designed some business cards for him.  Next we are working on a brochure that he can send out to local youth directors.  He has already made one contact last night.  We got him invited to the 2010 WV Creation Conference sponsored by the Kanawha Creation Science Group and he gave out some business cards there as well as gave a juggling presentation on Noah and the Ark.

Today hubby has gone out to Spencer, WV with him to do a juggling presentation and workshop at a children’s church camp.  I can’t wait till they get back and tell me all about it.  In the meantime, I have Bible study guides to work on!!

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