ICAD Day 10

icad project

project day ten

With very little inspiration today I simply tried to make flowers with embroidery floss.  I was using a glue stick, which didn’t work well, it would dry too fast.  I didn’t have liquid glue.  Oh well.

ICAD Day 9 — A Tribute

project day nine

project day nine

Today is the twentieth anniversary of my father’s passing.  He was my best friend.  I was his little girl.  He was a kind, gentle, loving man who loved the Word of God and studied it ardently.  He shared that love with everyone he came in contact with.  He wanted to see everyone with a smile on their face.
Today, my father has been gone from my life longer than he was in it.  There is a hole in my life and heart.  I am so sorry that my son didn’t get to know him, and that my father never got to see my son.  But everything is in God’s hands.  I know that losing my father has helped shaped me into the woman I am today.

ICAD Days 7 and 8

I was out of town most of the day yesterday taking hubby to a VA appointment so I didn’t get to do anything very artistic.  By the time we drove home an hour in the heat (our car has no air conditioning) I didn’t feel like doing anything.

project day seven

icad project day seven

Day seven is just some more doodling.  I wanted complimentary colors.  Someday I may do contrasting, discordant colors just for a change 🙂
project day eight

icad project eight

I do not do well in the heat.  I hate the heat.  I’d rather have winter weather all year round if I possibly could.  You can always add clothing or start a fire, but there is only so much you can take off and remain within the confines of decency.  Ideal weather for me is autumn weather.  I love to have my windows open.  I love to sit out on a screened in porch and watch nature, listen to the wind rustle through the leaves, smell the evergreens or the freshly mown hay.  But oh well, such is life.  So day eight is a tribute (or gripe) about the heat.

ICAD Day 6

project day six

stamp images

For today’s index card I decided to share some stamp images from rubber stamps I carved.  A few years ago I was very active in something called “Letterboxing.”  It is a really neat hobby.  You put together a letterbox, which consists of a rubber stamp you carve and a logbook.  You post clues to where you hide this letterbox online (there are a couple depositories online for this) and then wait to see who finds it and leaves their personal stamp images in your logbook.  Of course, for their trouble they stamp their personal logbook with the image of the stamp in the letterbox.  I LOVE doing this, but with a hubby unemployed for two years there just aren’t funds for making letterboxes or driving around to find them.  Before I had to hang up my habit I participated in a postal letterbox ring.  This is where you sign up to participate in a ring with a specific theme.  This theme was Indiana Jones.  Then, you carve your stamp and send the stamp and the logbook in the mail to the next person on the list.  It goes through the list until it returns to your home.  I choose to do Dr. Henry Jones, Sr.  I actually did three stamps — “dad”, “diary” and “X”  Then I threw in two “hitchhikers” which is a letterbox that “hitchhikes” with another.  That one had the “Jones Phobias” — a rat for Dad and a snake for Junior 🙂  Everyone was really impressed with the box I did, both for the carving and the amount of stamps included.  Letterboxers love finding bonus stamps 🙂

ICAD Days 4 and 5

Okay, my OCD was getting the best of me.  I didn’t find out about ICAD until June 2, so I was one day behind.  However, posting my third project on day four was killing me, so I did two today to catch up.

project day four

An art project in grammar school had us write our names in cursive on half a sheet of paper, then we would unfold it and it formed art.  My name turned out as more of a butterfly.  I did “Trapperhoney” this time to see how it would turn out.

literary inspiration

One of my favorite children’s stories was “Be Nice to Spiders.”  It’s out of print now.  I don’t remember the author’s name, but the spider in the story was named “Helen.”  It was a cute story about how spiders are useful and shouldn’t be chased away because their webs are unsightly.  I’m not necessarily fond of spiders in real life, but Helen was cute.
So that’s my art for today.  I think I’m going to use some stamps I carved a couple years ago for tomorrow’s project.

ICAD Day 3

third icad project

Well, I had illusions of grandeur today and attempted a collage.  I didn’t have much to choose from, I just picked up a few odds and ends, including a fortune from our dinner last night at the Dragon Bowl Chinese Buffet.  The fortune was kind of cute, “An acquaintance of the past will affect you in the near future.”  Our guest enjoyed that and told hubby to watch out there must be an old boyfriend going to pop up.  Not much of a threat as I only had one steady boyfriend before hubby and I started dating.  Hubby’s fortune was “Not even a school teacher notices bad grammar in a compliment.”  He took offense at that, because he we was a Christian school teacher for two years.  He is always correcting our son’s grammar (son’s worst offense is “me and grandma”), however, he can’t spell to save his life.
Not too terribly impressed with my collage, but I got an index card done!!

ICAD Day 2

day two image

Yeah, I seem to have a thing for lines.  Maybe because they are simple and I’m still getting my sealegs, so to speak, for this art stuff.  I colored in spaces on yesterdays art piece, so today I was lazy and decided to just do some shading in part of it.  Shaded in the part to accentuate the “arrow” I saw.  Wonder what I’ll come up with tomorrow??  I think I need to start a scrapbook….