Memorial Day

Here is a prompt for each day of the week:

MONDAY:  What does Memorial Day mean to you?

TUESDAY:  What family traditions do you observe on Memorial Day?

WEDNESDAY:  What role has the military played in your family?

THURSDAY:  What importance do you think Memorial Day plays to our nation?

FRIDAY:  What is the history of Memorial Day?  (hint: you may have to do a little research, try wikipedia)

SATURDAY:  What do you feel when you see red, white and blue, or hear patriotic songs?

SUNDAY:  What do you most appreciate, or most hate, about Memorial Day?

SPIRITUAL PROMPT:  The Lord instituted Passover as a memorial day for the Israelites.  What kind of spiritual memorial days have you experienced in your life?

If you blog about any of these prompts, please place a link to your blog as a comment on this entry, and let me know which prompt you were using.  You can just put the day in parenthesis before your blog link.  Happy writing!

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Beginning the Journey

Almost ten years ago there was a site called “Themestream” where people could set up accounts and become columnists.  You had to post an article each week, focusing on something you knew well.  I wrote articles about journaling and called my column “Journal Alchemy.”  The idea I tried to get across was that even every day events, that seem boring at the time — if recorded in a journal — will eventually be gold to you years later.  I became a featured contributer and was climbing my way up when the site closed down.  It was extremely discouraging.

Now with the popularity of blogs, I woul like to revive my old column and make some changes.  For now my ideas are to have reviews of journaling books, weekly journaling ideas, and contests.   Check back for more information as I get it solidified in my brain!

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