Journal Alchemy

We have officially started our journaling support group on Facebook.  I am posting prompts and other forms of journaling inspiration.  We just completed our first giveaway — there will be one every month this year.  So, come join the fun!!/groups/journalalchemy/


Catching My Breath

From Halloween on it’s just been crazy.  We spent a little over a week at the camp for Thanksgiving.  Hubby and son did some trapping.  They caught a raccoon their first night and a grey fox later in the week.

trap harvest 2011

grey fox and raccoon

Then we had to get ready for Christmas.  Most of it was just stressful — getting gifts on limited budget, etc.  One thing I really did enjoy was the Texas Hold’em Sleepover we had on Christmas Eve with friends.  We went up to their house on Friday evening and came home on Saturday evening.  This wrapped up our year-long tournament and I won!  Hurrah!
Now, I just want to hibernate for a month.
I have had three hits on bills I set loose in the Where’s George project.  They’ve all been in WV 😦  pretty close to home, too.
I’m going to kick back and relax awhile.  Crochet is good therapy 🙂