Well, I am busy, and nothing is working out.  We are gearing up to go to the family cabin over the holidays so hubby and DS can get in two weeks of trapping.  In the past we have gone out for a week over Thanksgiving, but you barely get the traps set out when you have to pull up stakes (literally) and come home.  We were hoping that two solid weeks will give them a real trapping experience and DS might get that bobcat he has really been wanting.  He wouldn’t mind a coyote either, but he’d be more excited over the bobcat.  When hubby and I went out to the cabin the beginning of October we heard a coyote quite regularly.  We were only there three days, but it was encouraging.  When we went out at the end of October to winterize, we heard it again.  Hopefully they will be able to bag him.

Money has been short.  It’s causing problems in preparation.  I wanted to have quite a few more things to take on this trip with us — a waterproof camera so they can take pictures of their sets for future reference and pictures of any animals caught, waterproof radios so they can call in to homebase on a regular basis and I’m not sitting at the cabin worrying my head off imagining all kinds of catastrophes, a few survival items in case they would get stuck out in the woods overnight.  Oh well.  I will give hubby my lighter and they will have to make due.  I also wanted a few items for my own enjoyment — I have six CDs of holiday music picked out on Amazon, and a couple journaling books.  I will also have to make due.

I’ve been busy crocheting items for Christmas orders and gifts so I haven’t had much time to sit down and make a list of things I need to get and take with us — foodstuffs mostly.  I like to buy locally when we are at the cabin, but there are a few things that we can’t get out there that I want to take with us.  With it only being days before Christmas when we go, it is best to take Christmas dinner essentials with us.  A couple years ago when we went out for Thanksgiving I waited till we got there to shop for green beans, and there weren’t any in the store, and it was four days before Thanksgiving.  So no green bean casserole that year.  I will be taking the pumpkin pie with us.  Not sure if we could find the brand we want, or if there will be any in the freezers at all.

I have plenty of crochet projects to take with me, and I will be sure to pack an assortment of videos to keep me occupied as I stitch away.  I just have to wonder how much trouble I will have keeping the dog from trying to track hubby and DS when I take him out to go potty.  *sigh*


One thought on “Preparations

  1. Have a wonderful time at your cabin! I love the idea of going somewhere like that for the holidays. Merry Christmas to you!

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