Home Again ~~

Well, the last week has been busy and eventful.  Hubby “graduated” last Tuesday from his carpentry school at Camp Dawson and we managed to get out a little after noon.  We stopped by the Oldies Diner on Rt. 50 for lunch and hurried for home so we could get back in time to get our son to karate.  We had been gone for a month and I really missed our karate family.  Felt like we’d been gone for a year.  I was looking forward to getting back and settling back into routine.  It was nice to see our friends again.  We got home from karate almost at 11pm.  A lot changes in a month, and we discovered that our on-ramp to our exit was closed due to construction that was taking place between 8pm and 6am.  Okay, I don’t consider it any biggie, I just switch to the left lane and proceed to get onto Piedmont Rd. to go the back way.  Well, a couple miles down the road the bridge is closed off, so therefore we had to turn down Dry Branch hollow.  Now, I’m thinking that there HAS to be a way to get from Dry Branch to Campbells Creek, but I don’t have a clue how.  We pull up to the DOH sign shop gate to get under the security light to get a look at our topo map (yup, when you are married to a drill sergeant who teaches land-nav a normal road map won’t do), and a security guard walks up, so hubby just asks him and he gives us directions.  Gap View Drive was our ticket home.  So, we learned a new route home.  Thanks to Dad I know about 3-4 ways to just about anywhere in the area I would ever need to go, but am always game to broadening my horizons.

Wednesday morning we got up early to go back-to-school shopping for my son.  Hubby and I are waiting in the car, and Mom gets in.  Hubby asks her where our son is (he had been staying with her while we were gone and he was still at her house)  She says he’s still in bed.  I’m like, “How are we going to buy him new jeans if he isn’t with us?” So she goes back in the house and gets him up, delaying us about 20 minutes.  We get to Walmart and get him outfitted.  We went to Sam’s so we could get a Keurig to take to the cabin with us.  Hubby got spoiled with the mini Keurig I got to take to Dawson with us.  We then go to Michael’s were I pick up some yarn for projects I want to do for the upcoming craft show, then we go to Books A Million.  Lunch at Chick-fil-A, then home.  It was then that we realized we forgot to stop by Robert’s Running and Walking Shop so hubby could get good running shoes for his PT tests.  So we ran out again, got him fitted for shoes, bought a pair, came back and loaded the car.  We finally pulled out about 4:30pm to leave for the cabin.

We had a nice weekend in the woods.  Didn’t really want to come home.  The cabin feels more like home to me with each passing year.  I’m tired of the rat-race of “city” living.  Maybe someday….


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