Base Living

So, someone found my blog and contacted me.  Said she enjoyed reading it, but I hadn’t updated in over a year.  So here I am, updating.

I’m currently at Camp Dawson, WV with my hubby who is taking a school with the National Guard.  So I’m here for a month, sitting in the room watching tv (or dvds) and crocheting.  The annoying thing is that housekeeping has been coming in every day.  For an introvert like me, it’s an invasion I don’t appreciate.  Every third day would be plenty.  However, I do feel like I might be getting cheated.  When we arrived and I sat on the bed, I immediately noticed a problem.  The mattress creaks.  Yes, it is probably actually the “box spring” portion of the bed, though I don’t believe it’s a box spring.  It’s the creaking of wood that I’m hearing.  So every time you move, there is creaking.  Very annoying.  A couple days ago I saw some mattresses out by the dumpster.  Yesterday, there were some out in the yard in front of our building.  I’m beginning to wonder if our room isn’t due for a new mattress but they will wait until we leave.  If that is true, I feel cheated.

I’m working on an afghan a friend ordered as a wedding gift.  Can’t wait to finish it.  I wish I could post a picture, but for some reason they aren’t coming through.  Will have to research that.

Well, I did go to the help page, and pics on that page weren’t showing up either, so I guess I’ll have to wait until I get home to see if I need to work on them.  The filter the army uses for internet connections is very annoying and I suspect that is what is causing my pics to look like “X” to me.


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