Why are Women Unhappy?

I read an interesting article:


He doesn’t make any conclusions, just posts statistics, and they seem to be saying that even though women have gained more “freedoms” through “women’s lib” they are less happy than they were before it.  For me, that makes complete sense.

My personal philosphy of life is based on the Bible.  Not “Christianity,” but the Bible.  Let me explain.  Christianity means different things to different people.  For some it means the Catholic Church.  For others they think of  the extremist Westboro Baptist Church.  People who do not have a true experience with Jesus Christ, the diversity of “Christianity” can be very confusing.  That is why I emphasize the Bible and not “Christianity.”  Unfortunately people misinterpret and misuse the Bible in the name of Christianity.

That being said, my personal view of a woman’s place and purpose varies greatly from that of the world.  No, the Biblical view is not that a woman’s place is in the home, barefoot and pregnant.  The Bible gives women great freedom, but also protection.  From what you might ask?  From ourselves!!  A woman’s nature is as a nurturer.  A woman wants to make things right for everyone around her, those she cares about.  We as women tend to take on more than we should because we want to help, we can be guilted into it, etc.  We also tend to cause more problems by trying to “help.”  Enabling is just one example.  Then we have that “rescue complex” where we think we can help our husbands improve themselves or get our kids to be better.  We cannot change anyone, no matter what we do or how hard we try, unless they want to be changed.  But yet we try.  That leads to frustration on the part of everyone.  This adds stress.

A woman’s role in the home, outside the home, is up to her and her husband.  There are some women who thrive in a business environment and don’t cope well with domestic issues.  A husband’s disability may necessitate that the woman be the main wage-earner.  But this is something that needs to be decided between them.  This is why choosing the right man is so important.  You have to be in agreement with his goals.  The two of you need to have common vision.  Now, if you are unmarried, you are pretty much your own boss, but keep in mind that your choices may be holding you back from finding the right man for you.

I think the biggest reason women are unhappy is that they feel they have the live up to the “women’s lib” mentality — they have to be in the workforce.  I knew a young lady many years ago who was expecting a baby and after it was born was going to finish college and get into the workforce to be a “contributing member of society.”  I was floored.  Society basically tells us that if we aren’t working outside the home we aren’t contributing to society.  How about raising socially responsible adults??  Isn’t that contributing to society?  Instead, we have kids being raised by strangers, who don’t know their parents, and end up as behavioral problems.  I saw a headline online the other day where a parent admitted that the kid did better for the day care workers than she did for her parent!  YES, there are some women who HAVE to work outside the home and have to put their kids in day care.  I am not judging them.  I am talking about the ones who have a choice and choose a job or career over motherhood.  Realistically once a kid goes to middle school you can go back to work if you really want to, but take the time to be there for that child 24/7 during the really important formative years.

What my rant really comes down to is that we shouldn’t let society dictate whether we work outside the home or not.  We shouldn’t let them create the standards that measure our worth.  I can’t tell you what it meant to me, growing up, to know that my Mom was at home and if I needed her I could get in touch with her.  When I got sick in school, Mom was there within 10 minutes to take me home.  I was bundled up, medicated, fed and hydrated.  That told me I was important and valued.  I wanted to make sure I gave that to my child as well.  I think we’d have much less youth crime if our parents were investing themselves into their children.  That equates to time and sacrifice, not giving them things to make up for not being around.  Nothing replaces the giving of yourself to you child.

So, to sum up, we as women need to discover who we are and be true to that, not letting society pressure us into living up to their expectations.  I am a housewife and mother.  I help my husband and my son.  I also have my own interests — like crochet — that I have expanded into as my child needs me less.  Seeing my son grow into a well-adjusted young man with morals is worth more than the world to me.


2 thoughts on “Why are Women Unhappy?

  1. I really like this post. I used to feel bad that I was good in the business environment and felt useful there. Now I don’t apologize for that anymore. I’m blessed to be able to work just as others are blessed to be at home.

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