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You would have to have your head buried in the sand not to know that Gadhafi is dead.  The world is cheering, and it makes me sad.  I don’t really follow politics.  Other than the problems we had with him back in the 80’s (my memory is fuzzy, i was young and even less interested in politics) I can’t see that there has been much to draw attention to him or what he’s been doing.  I can’t see how whether he lives or dies effects me directly, so that limits my interest.  I know that he was a dictator.  Dictators tend to be cruel.  However, in the Middle East dictators are about the only way you are going to keep what passes for peace in that area.  It’s a completely different mindset.  What makes me sad is that people who opposed him, supposedly because he was such a bad person, hunted him down and shot him like a dog and paraded his naked body in the street.  I’m sorry, but I can’t see how those people are any better than he was.  I don’t see that they have improved their situation if these are the kinds of people who are going to take over and form a new government.  I think we are going to be in for more of the same.  American needs to get out of the Middle East and mind her own business.  Support Israel, but stay home.  Israel has proven that she can take care of herself and she understands the enemy she is fighting, while we refuse to acknowledge that kind of warped thinking exists.  We are merely a liability in the Middle East because our western mindset cripples us.  Yankee, go home!  We have enough stuff going on here to keep us busy.  Get our house in order before we go over and try to tell others how to live their lives.

So, I take no joy in what is going on in Libya right now.  I don’t think the country was in good shape with Gadhafi, but I don’t think they are better off with what they will end up with.  But I can’t help thinking they weren’t following our example in how we handled bin Laden.  Two wrongs don’t make a right.  Are we prepared to pay for our “success”?


3 thoughts on “In the News….

  1. After a week of working on this thing..i THINK i’m back online…Young Dumb and full of American… Well, Okay, scratch the young part.
    Missed You

  2. I’m not celebrating his death either. To be honest, I didn’t follow it closely in the news, but I did hear about the brutality of it, which makes me sad for humanity. I can’t imagine that God is proud of the people of earth right now.

    I do wonder if all this killing is going to perpetuate the violence and retaliation against the U.S. Then again, I suppose if it does it might have happened regardless…

  3. Celebrate Life… I’m with you Honey…but, you know better than I …it is written, and just another piece of the Pie…
    Jerusalem, the Lords Time Clock
    for the world to see…
    Bless You

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