Sunburn in October??!

Saturday my Mom and I rented a space at a craft bazaar.  Mom makes jewelry and I crochet.  I hadn’t gotten as many items made as I had wanted to, but I had enough.  The bazaar was outside.  Fortunately it was warm and not rainy, however, the sun was out and we were sitting in it all day.  I got a mild burn.  Mom got more sun than I did.  I guess she’s getting fairer skin in her old age…. I didn’t notice until the next day that my nose rivaled Rudolph’s.  The burn didn’t really hurt, until I went out in the sun the next two days, and then it was uncomfortable.  My nose has peeled, so we’re all good again.

I did manage to sell two baby blankets and one pink cupcake purse, so it was a very profitable day for me.  Unfortunately Mom didn’t sell anything.  Mom was making jewelry in the 70’s and once she got into it again she’s pretty much making the same stuff she used to.  Times and fads have changed and that kind of thing just isn’t popular any more.  I mean, it will appeal to some people, but you have to diversify and learn to do new things in order to appeal to a larger group.  She did have some cute halloween themed bracelets geared for girls, and I don’t know why those didn’t sell.  She even uses glow in the dark beads, but that hasn’t had much effect either.  I don’t want her to get discouraged because she has a talent for it, she just needs to expand her repertoire a little. 

Back in Huntersville at Traditions Day the beginning of the month, I saw a lady doing bobbin lace.  I had never heard of it.  She had a pillow that she stuck pins in to make a design framework and then worked strands of thread into weaves around the pins.  Each thread was wrapped around a thin round stick of wood that was weighted at the other end.  That was called a bobbin.  It looked really interesting.  i bought a book mark she made.  Well, I found out you could get a starter kit online.  I actually found it on ebay and bought it.  I’m eagerly awaiting it’s arrival so I can try my hand at bobbin lace bookmarks to add to my craft bazaar offerings.  Hubby had to order a book from amazon for his next college class, and so to get free shipping I also ordered a beginner’s bobbin lace book.  Now I just need to get some pins.  I’m so excited I could just bust!

In case you are wondering, I consider there something to be seriously wrong when you can get a sunburn in October!


4 thoughts on “Sunburn in October??!

  1. Yeah, round here papa used to say you can’t escape the September Sun, if you hid under the bed…Never recall him saying it about October. Does your mom make any Indian Jewelry? Seems a great place up there, maybe to sell it, though, like everywhere now probably, and possibly especially there, economy wise…Ain’t nuttin selling honey… I don’t think you ever reminded me if you have an Etsy Site, seems I remember you did, and I think not only your beautiful handmade items would sell there faster than anywhere I know of, but in fact… I think you would get a great following on their “Blog” ..Just an observation.
    Bless You
    But, if you do start bloggin there..Don’t stop here please.. I would miss you.
    Not that I wouldn’t make an effort to visit your blog site there.. Just it would be a little difficult as .. My stuff rarely sells there anymore…lol
    I still pay the pennies to list a few lamps I have left from when I was making them and they did sell, now and then.. But, you know how it is.. things stop selling long enough one loses the incentive to create them, thereby.. sort of lose interest in the venue on which they are listed..

    Another place, I don’t know if I mentioned to you before you might want to list some of your items free… though not sure where the nearest actual site for you would be is “Boo Koo” Yardsales.. mostly near Military bases.. but, may be one near you.. Here, they call it Lejeune Yardsales…@ Camp Lejeune Marine Base.. Listing is free.. except with your beautiful crocheting you would probably want to go ahead and buy the …I think it’s 3 months for $20.00 to post the pictures…they don’t charge any percentage upon sales etc.. or, you could do Like I did, test the waters with $8.00 per month, which back when things were selling seemed slow to me.. so I went that rout. Truth be known.. Now that they REALLY stopped selling, I see I lost money that way… and $20.00 …who knows.. I would suggest to go that way now, as opposed to $8.00 per month, in my case for over a year… I probably lost at least enough to pay for 3 months worth of the premium ( $20.00 per 3 months)

    Okay….you probably already know all about all of these venues… But, I’ll post the link to the closest Bookoo… I find near you… and God bless you all…

    Okay… I don’t know your location respectfully, so here’s a map of West By God BooKoo’s …lol Have fun… and GET TO IT!!!

    Come to think of it..if things are like they are here…might want to list in one of the larger cities…and just add cost to your price, for what the customer will receive as “Free Shipping” if you need help on shipping cost let me know, I can probably shed a little light there.

    It’s worth at least the $8.00 bucks try it for a month.., but, probably worth going ahead and listing for $20.00 @ 3 months, as you will have shipping to contend with…if you list on other than local sites, and it may take a little while to make the first sell…
    Bless You

  2. Oh, just in case you have tried selling on Ebay, and think these are like Ebay…not at all..Ebay eats your lunch before you pack it…selling wise…These places are what you see is what you pay for… Etsy I think, is .20 cents per item to list.. and at most 5 percent upon a sell… I think less though…and Boo Koo is what I stated…with no additional per sell cost.
    God Bless You
    Hope things are looking Great on the Home/Property Front search!!!

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