Stop the world….

I want to get off!  It has been insane since we got back from the cabin.  It almost doesn’t pay to go away for a week because of all the stuff you get bombarded with.  I haven’t had a break since getting back.  We got home Monday afternoon, had a board meeting at the community center to attend, I had room rentals my mom had handled while i was gone to finalize, Tuesday we had to vote and had a festival committee meeting.  We are doing a haunted house with concessions as a fund raiser, so we are out shopping for ghoulish decor and trying to come up with twisted entertainment (but if you knew my family well you would know that comes naturally for us.  Addams Family anyone?)  At least this gives me an excuse to shop.  I got a lovely purple blouse and purple boots for my witch costume.  Ah.  Now for my broom….  But I still have stuff to crochet for the craft show my mom and i are attending on Saturday.  Not to mention my son’s birthday is Friday, and Mom wants us to get together Friday evening so start finalizing plans for the haunted house.  I already have the cemetary picked out in the back yard, it’s just cutting up the large room into sections and halways that will be the tricky part.  We also have to come up with a storyline….  I’m ready to go back to the woods and stay for the rest of my life.

Anyway, I thought I’d share pictures of the house we looked at.

front view

 This is the front view.  It’s up a bit, which is good because there is a little creek across the road.  Hopefully that means it’s out of the flood plain.  Since the river is a good bit away I would think it’s okay.  This house is the same style as the other OLD farmhouses in the area, all circa 1850s.

All the farmhouses started with a basic two downstairs rooms and two upstairs rooms.  They added on as they had money and materials, and need.  Often they added a wing that started at the middle of the building and stretching out, ultimately forming a “T”  I have even seen some that added another addition to the back of that that ultimately formed an “I”

side view

 This particular farmhouse had one room added to the back, flush with the side of the building.  This is where the kitchen and bathroom are.  You walk from the kitchen into another room, and from that room into a wide hallway that has the stairs and the bathroom is at the end of the hallway.  On the other side of the hallway, straight across from the other room, is another room.  I would suppose that was used as the livingroom.  The people who had this house put a pair of sliding glass doors on the backside of the livingroom looking out into the back yard.

part of the yard and outbuilding

 As with the other farmhouses I’ve seen in the area there is a little outbuilding behind it.  This one also has what looks like a root cellar at the bottom of it.  The top is dividing into two sections.  One could be a shed for tools and the other a lockshop for hubby.  What you can’t see from these pictures is there is another building that has been aded recently behind this outbuilding and it might make a good fiber studio for me.

I do admit that if we got this house I would want to build on to it.  We HAVE to have a library.  We have too many books not to have a room completely dedicated to them.  I’d also like a dining room, or at least a slightly larger kitchen.  This one had the stove kitty-cornered and i didn’t see that as being very space efficent.  I’d also like a slightly larger bedroom for us, because I want a whirlpool tub!  I wouldn’t mind having a water bed again either.  Hubby liked the waterbed really well too.

Across the road from this house there is a little meadow, and then the creek.  I think that meadow would be perfect for alpacas 😉  I do like the color of the house, think it fits in well with beekeeping.  So that’s my dream.  The couple that own this house have had it on the market before.  The day the realtor took us out to look at it he said a family was moving in to rent it and they have a stipulation for 60 days notice.  So, it has evidently been on the market again for awhile.  I’m hoping this means we would have time to potentially get it if there is any chance we might have of buying a house.  It would probably be a couple years, though.  *Sigh.*


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