Autumn Comes to the Mountains

Well, hubby got his wish. I guess that cold front finally got here. The coldest is has been since we got here was in the fifties — mid to low fifties. Last night by the time the sun went down it was in the fifties. We woke up this morning and it was forty degrees. Hubby had to light the stove last night at dusk. He was very happy. The warmest it has gotten today is 46 degrees.


We went down the road to Huntersville to check out their Traditions Day. Huntersville was formed around the trading post that sprung up from hunters and trappers congregating here to trade their wares. From 1822 until 1891 it was the county seat. The whole town sets aside this day to reflect on their heritage and they have various demonstrations going on of old-time activities. There were three blacksmiths. There were two cider presses. There was one apple butter maker. General Robert E. Lee was roaming around, and I got a picture of him trying his hand at apple butter making. There was a lady spinning wool, and she brought some of her sheep. She had two shetland sheep (the smaller ones) and two Icelandic sheep. There was another lady making bobbin lace. She had a series of thin wood dowel-looking things with knobs on top that she tied a piece of thread to. She had a series of pins and using the bobbins to as weight she would weave around the pins. I got a bookmark she made.

Robert E. Lee stirring apple butter


Huntersville was commemorating the 150th Anniversary of the Civil War. There is a Civil War cemetary out behind the old one room schoolhouse. The Daughters of the Revolution have placed new headstones on most of the graves. They had a dedication ceremony at the cemetary today.


There are lots of old buildings still standing: the jail, which was built in 1883 and used for about ten years before the county seat moved to Marlinton; the Presbyterian Church was built in 1854 and it was used as a hospital and headquarters by soldiers during the Civil War; the one room schoolhouse, which had two floors, was built in 1880 and didn’t close until about 1970.


Hubby got four pints of apple butter. You have not had apple butter until you have had this. The guy has spent years perfecting his art — the kind of apple used, the wood used in the paddle, and the mixture of spices. We made sure we were there when the guy put the spices in. Oh, the aroma. Hubby was in heaven, again. I also allowed him to buy a half gallon of apple cider that was fresh pressed right in front of us by the local 4-H Club. Hubby took a sip of that and had another, ahem, fulfilling experience right then. Poor hubby. He sure does love apples, but apples do not love him. This could be an ugly evening.


Many people were disappointed with the weather today. They said last year it was eighty degrees. I know that the people manning the coffee stations were cold and miserable, but summer weather is wrong this time of year, in the mountains. It was a little cool, but if you are walking around and talking and experiencing everything, you stay warm enough. I rather enjoyed being in the brisk weather. This is fall in the mountains. I love it. Now if I can get hubby to clean out the crock pot I’ll finish the perfect autumn in the mountains experience by making chili….


15 thoughts on “Autumn Comes to the Mountains

  1. That apple butter sounds yummy. We can get some decent apple butter from a farm about 2 hours away around Halloween, but we don’t get to see them make it 😦

  2. Yes, would love some of that apple butter on some raisin toast, with a cheese omelet, grits and ham right about now…sorry, that’s just what happens every time I think about Apple Butter. Sounded like the Apple Cider was “Hard” cider, from the Ahem..moment? Anyway, the tomb stone sort of gave me one of those Ahem, moments too.. as my mama’s maiden name is Miller. Sad, it says drummer…makes the words when Johnny comes marching home again…really sound off in my head…as I tend to think of 13 year old kids when I think of a confederate drummer, sadly, this Johnny didn’t come marching home.
    Bless You ( how was the vacation break?) Oh, and now that your link ONLY takes you to facebook, and there is NO link here from the immediate facebook page, It’s a good thing I know the “Blog Name” else, I couldn’t have gotten here. I just don’t do enough facebook to find my way around there. Bless You

    • do you have any ideas how i change my link? i never intended it to take anyone to facebook…. 😦

      hubby noticed that there was no birthdate on the drummer boy’s tombstone, yet there was a birthdate on every other headstone. i have a feeling they didn’t want to do that because he was so young….

  3. Probably when you changed your name from “Trapperhoney” to Ink, Yarn and tears…and used your real name…

    Here are some places to look…though they lack in proficiency and accessibility in my opinion…

    My editing console has been messed up since the night I was in the middle of editing a post, and they were changing the “Administration Bar” at the top of the screen, without sending out a notice…of course they swear it had nothing to do with what they did..yadi yada…lol, same old song and dance…but HEY…It’s free!!!

    Wait, it worked that time…from my site when I clicked your gravatar that says: Trapperhoney…I bet you were commenting on my site through your Farcebook account last time… Which is why your full name shows up on the comment on my site, instead of Trapperhoney…plus takes you to Facebook instead of to your site.

    I had a little trouble with that from twitter for a minute…
    God Bless You
    If you need any further help, contact me… email is
    I used to try and hide it …but with the whole Obama, Twitter, Facebook connection…forget about privacy.

    • no, it was doing that before i changed the name of my blog, i just did that in the last few days. it used to take you to my blog, but then i connected the blog to facebook so it would post my entries on my page and it seems like i’ve had the problem ever since. i’m not savvy enough to figure it out on my own….

  4. She doesn’t do computers AT all…except for her pay stub…which is the only one her company provides…I’m thinking…I’m trying to remember where I went when this happened to me…

  5. Try this…
    Dashboard -> Users -> Personal Settings -> then scroll down to Account Details. Then scroll down to where it says ‘Website‘ select the URL for your primary blog and then save changes.
    Let me know fine

  6. It works fine from my site…when your gravatar says… Trapperhoney, instead of your real name…which is why I am thinking maybe you were commenting on my site, while you were @ facebook…not that I understand all I know about what I just said…

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