The simple life….

Out here time slows down.  There aren’t the demands or the stresses we have in the city.  Priorites are closer to what they should be.  There is a singing group from WV that wrote a song titled “WV Chose Me.”  They had grown up in WV.  Some of their friends had moved away.  Some couldn’t get away fast enough.  They wondered why so many people left and a few never wanted to leave.  They came to the conclusion that WV picks certain people to stay here for life.  I would be one of those, but I would go a step further.  I hear Pocahontas County calling my name.  She’s been calling to me since Iwas a little girl.  I hope and pray I get out here some day.

We looked at a little farmhouse today.  I loved it.  It has almost two acres with it.  All I want is a little homestead with enough land for a few alpacas, sheep, goats, jersey wooley bunnies.  I want to have a spinning and weaving studio.  I have a loom in my brother’s basement.  It belonged to our paternal grandmother.  I’d love to put it to use.  I don’t think hubby would ever be happy with this.  He wants acres and acres.  He wants a working farm where we raise basically everything we need to live on.  I try to get through to him that you can’t do that anymore and that his physical condition is only deteriorating and he can’t keep up with that kind of work any more, not 24/7.  Not to mention he turned 46 yesterday….  Realistically the most we could have is a hobby farm and I would want to focus on producing fiber to be spun into yarn that I would then make into socks, caps, shawls, rugs, blankets, etc. that would be sold in a little shop on site, and our miniature animals would be a tourist attraction.  Kids love to see and pet alpacas.  If hubby gets his schooling done so he can teach, this little farmhouse is only about six miles from the local middle school.  I think it would be nice.  On our way home I think I’ll stop and try to get a picture of the place to share here.

Well, hubby has his dream meal last night.  I made his sausages and apples.   It turned out better than I thought it would. I’m not a fan of sauerkraut, but this was good. Hubby managed to find some really nice, firm apples growing wild around the place and they cooked up nicely. Hubby talked about “the perfect bite” as a comment in a movie we’d seen years ago. He declared that the perfect bite for this meal was some sauerkraut, a piece of sausage and a piece of apple. He was right.  I also made some pumpernickel bread in the bread machine.  I was guessing on settings and I set the crust too dark.  But other than a brick-like outer layer, it tasted pretty good.

hubby's birthday dinner

Here is a picture of the fruits of hubby’s labor.  That fruit picker came in handy.  I don’t know if he used it to get the black walnuts or not.  He wasn’t sure how to crack the walnuts.  My grandparents had a black walnut tree in their yard while I grew up and every year Mamaw harvested the nuts and took them out on the side walk with a hammer and cracked them open.  She would also make a mud pie, and every year I would find the only piece of hull in my piece of pie.   

harvested apples and black walnuts

apple walnut spice cake

So hubby tried the same thing.  He ended up losing a lot of the meat from what he said, but he got enough for me to add to the cake.  I used a basic box cake mix.  Life is too short to make a cake from scratch.  We chopped up the apples into small pieces, I crumbled up the walnut pieces and added it to the mix.  I used apple sauce instead of oil and apple juice instead of water.  While it was baking, oh the smell!  Hubby bit into the cake after dinner and it sounded like he was having an, ahem, fulfilling experience right there.  So needless to say, he was very pleased with his cake.  The sausage was probably enough to feed six people, so we are having leftovers for dinner tonight.

Hubby is sitting on the neighbor’s porch beside me attempting to submit his late essay.  The instructor hasn’t even graded the exam he took last Thursday.  I think we will need to get home on Sunday instead of Monday so he can try first thing on Monday to get this issue with his exam taken care of and hopefully get in touch with his friend who said there might be a technician position available at the Coonskin armory.  We could certainly use that job.  I might be able to get my alpaca farm!

5 thoughts on “The simple life….

  1. Okay, I read it now, and thank God I did…precious moments!!!
    I’m no expert, less I would have my own farm for sure. Seems to me you are both looking for the same thing, just on a different level of expectation… I believe what trapper wants, can be produced, and sufficient enough to support ya’ll on the same small alpaca farm. Number 1, raise whatever animal wears the most valuable tans/pelts that you are trapping…and find out what organic foods are selling at high demand…plus, I would so grow delectable mushrooms…though they are a little tedious, and take a hard earned system to mass produce, from what I have seen…but, you get the picture..though ya’ll may have already weighed these possibilities..I feel certain there is SOMETHING out there…that can be grown, harvested and sold in the market of a “Foodie Generation” on a small family run farm. I know Mushrooms shiitaki, and Morels can both be cultivated…and are in high demand by chefs of restaurants in larger cities..But, there are wild ones, such as the “Chicken of the woods” your hubby has probably knocked out of his way dozens of times while trapping that predominantly depend on growing wild…( and I personally know a few of you west by God Virginians who have survived by hiking mountains for Gensing, etc…you can do this.. if Ya’ll have the opportunity to afford and purchase even a small farm…I am so happy for you. There are so many possibilities, of course, they will take distribution and aggravation of course to get you rolling… but hey…I feel it…and don’t forget the honey bee’s …this world will stop spinning sooner than God has it planned without the honey bees…I think you have a few already, but., the possibilities are out there…google it up..
    It IS a Foodie Generation, even if Michelle Mama Obama and everyone ushering in the New World Order claim to be apposed…Grow it…and work smarter and not harder…
    I feel this…
    Cat Fish Farm…Anything and everything that sells to the restaurants… I work in one.. I know that much!!!
    God Bless You Both!!!

    • hubby gets grand ideas and plans and really over does it. the VA has rated him 40% disabled two years ago and since then his back condition has been worsening. simple things like cutting the grass put him in misery for a couple days. he just isn’t in shape to work a full fledged farm anymore, but he is refusing to come to terms with that. as red green said — his mind is writing checks his body can’t cash. he is taking classes now to become a teacher and they are being paid by voc rehab because it’s been deemed he can’t do physical labor anymore, and he’s spent most of his life as a contractor. i’m thinking more of retirement 😉 we’ll see what happens. i definitely want to raise bees as well.

  2. Oh, heck, the mushrooms only take a few logs and a drill…of course there is the distribution set up etc… but, I feel certain there are MANY food items that can be produced and supportive now a days… the family farm of the past is a thing of the past… but THIS is the present… If I hadn’t lost everything I owned in hurricane Floyd, including my mind for a while… and knew what I know now, I would be growing a grape orchard, and selling fine wines. The possibilities are endless for you guys if you have access to property.
    Bless You

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