In the woods, so far….


The weekend has had its ups and downs. I called my mother on Thursday evening to tell her to have my brother bring up two cases of soda that we had forgotten. She calls me back shortly to tell me that my brother was no longer planning on coming up on Friday, he would be up on Tuesday. Well, I wasn’t too happy about that. We figured that with my brother here for the weekend hubby and he would get all the work done that needed to be done with the water line and he could leave Monday morning, then hubby and I would have the cabin all to ourselves for another week. We had plans. ‘Nuff said. So, we didn’t expect my brother to come up and we left town before she could call again. She called us a total of three times and after the first call we told her we were headed back to the cabin. Thank God for a dead zone. Well, we had slept in late Friday and were goofing off, and I look up out our bedroom window and my brother has just pulled in. So I had to get out of my pajamas and actually put clothes on. Hubby had already been up and at ’em. The dog got him up at 1am to go potty. I think he actually might have heard a critter. He then got up again at 5:45, which is normal potty time. He did some studying for his american history class and then went for a run. He said he could smell skunk outside and it was really strong up the road where he ran. He and the dog had taken a walk that morning and had found coyote scat and beaver sign. Hubby is chomping at the bit to come back here for thanksgiving and do some trapping, if we can get permission from the neighbors. Then at about 9:15am the painter showed up at the neighbor’s and hubby went down to talk to him to find out if he knew anything about our MIA plumber. My brother had asked the plumber that had been working at the neighbor’s two months ago to drill a hole in the spring box so we could run a new line to our pump house. Brother has tried calling him numerous times in the past couple of months and so far hasn’t heard a peep from him. So by the time brother showed up we had accomplished quite abit. Had already had breakfast and everything. He got there about 11am. Of course the bad news was that it started raining and rained most of Friday. We got up Saturday and it was still calling for rain off and on. It was beginning to look like my brother had wasted a trip. Hubby and I went out to the Road Kill Cookoff in Marlinton at about 2pm to check out all the vendors, to see what other handicrafts had been entered and if we won any awards. Hubby submitted his boxed chess set and got first place. I entered two baby blankets and the simpler one got first place while the more intricate one didn’t even place. I have to wonder what the thinking processes of those judges were….

intricate blanket


simple blanket

hubby’s chess box


Sunday morning hubby went out for a hike. He went across the creek to check out a field and a pond he desperately wants to trap. Brother and I went into town to get a couple roasts. The one I started the night before (on low heat in my crock pot) and shrunk to a third of its size, and that wasn’t about to feed all of us. The sun teased us as we went into town and back. We got back before hubby, which I kind of figured we would. Brother went up for a nap. Thirty minutes later hubby came back and then went outside. Brother heard him and went out. They did manage to fill in the ditch and cover over the trench through the middle of the road where out temporary line is at. Hurrah! Now if we could just get the plumber….


Well, Monday morning we went into town to get some things to try to punch the hole in the block. I went to Hudson’s Variety. It used to have a little of everything, but they have closed off half the store which they are trying to sell and the other half is pretty much just hobby supplies — quilting goods, yarn, etc. I always like to buy yarn from Sherry while I’m in town. I had a neat scarf pattern that I tried out last night in pink camo, and I wanted to try it in other colors and with a twist to the pattern. While I was picking through the yarn, my brother came in and had just found me when my hubby came up to him and told him that the plumber had just gone into the hardware store they had just come from. So they both went back to waylay him. That left me to shop yarn in peace and away from prying eyes 😉


With my yarn purchases in tow, I went to the hardware store and found my men in deep conversation with the plumber. The end result was that he is supposed to come out to the cabin tonight to put the hole in the box. It’s 5pm and we are still waiting. He knows we are going to be here all week…. We also picked up a fruit picker. Hubby has found several apple trees gone wild and he wants to harvest them. I have a sausage, kraut and apple bake planned for Thursday, which is hubby’s birthday.


Hopefully I will get down to the neighbor’s porch shortly and piggy back on their wifi to get this posted today….


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