I kissed a college freshman….

and I liked it!

Hubby is taking an American History class online through Liberty University.  The VA is paying for it through Voc Rehab.  Poor hubby has been trying to get a degree for about twenty five years.  He went to Penn State on a Track scholarship, went one semester, got hurt, lost his scholarship and dropped out.  About a year later he enlisted in the Marine Corps and took a class here and there as he was able.  While in the Marines he hurt his back and was discharged before his contract was up so got severance pay.  With that money he came to Bradley, WV to attend Appalachian Bible College, where we met.  However, we weren’t interested in each other at the time, we were just good friends.  He was actually there a year before I was.  He was there a total of about two years, ran out of money and went back to PA.  He taught in a Christian school for two years, saved money, and then attended Edinboro University for a year.  SO, when all his transcripts are added up, he has more credit than he needs for a BA, however no one school would accept all his work and you also have to have a certain number of hours from the school that is going to award you that piece of paper.  While hubby was on active duty three years ago he found out that the Guard would pay for him to take classes through Liberty, AND they would accept almost EVERYTHING he’d ever did.  He still needed to take about 27 hours from Liberty before they would award him a degree.  His original plan was to pursue his theology degree, but with Liberty being liberal arts his degree would actually be in “religion” which he wasn’t as excited about.  However, since Voc Rehab is paying for this they want him to study something that will translate into highly employable status.  Hubby has also had an interest in teaching, so he is going to work toward a degree in secondary education.  Hardly any of the credits he has will translate, so instead of being a senior (which basically was what he was three years ago pursuing his religion degree) he is now a freshman, and will have to pursue his education up to a master’s degree before he will be eligible for a teaching certificate.  Whew.

I’m also working on some classes through a mail order ministry.  Hubby and I would like to be a part of establishing a local Bible institute, but teachers will need at least master’s degrees.  We’ve got two doctorates on board already, and they will do a little teaching but probably mostly administrative.  We are probably looking at years down the road, which is why we will have time to get our schooling done.

We picked up some halloween decorations.  We are going to have a haunted house at the community center as a fund raiser.  Hubby is out working on the car so we can get it inspected in the morning.  If all goes well, we will be leaving Thursday morning for the family cabin in the woods.  I am SOOOOO needing this vacation.  I’ve got videos packed.  We don’t have cable, but we do have a tv and a dvd player.  We will probably watch things like Hogan’s Heroes, The Red Green Show, F Troop (awesome show!), Granada Television’s Sherlock Holmes, Robert Downey Jr.’s Sherlock Holmes (drool), The Dick Van Dyke Show, and maybe I can hit my brother up to buy Thor — I SO want to see that movie again.  Hubby hasn’t seen it yet.  Watching tv is something I love to do while I’m crocheting.  I also want to play some games with hubby.  It’s been awhile since we played canasta.  I am really looking forward to this trip.  Hopefully we’ll take a couple walks too and I can post pics of our paradise 🙂


2 thoughts on “I kissed a college freshman….

  1. Sounds like you already started playing the games with him,,,the kissing game anyway. By the way, did you see the Blogger Award I blessed you with?
    God Bless You

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