Best laid plans….

Well, I thought I could get a lot of crocheting done this weekend, but it hasn’t worked out that way.  I did get quite a bit done on Thursday afternoon and evening.  Plus I got to watch several hours of The Smoking Gun on TruTV, so that was a good evening.  Friday I ended up doing a lot of running around.  My mom’s car has been in the shop since Monday for repairs — someone backed into us in a parking lot at Sam’s — and she was supposed to get it back on Friday, but no.  SHE had to call them to find out that two of their guys had been out sick and they hadn’t gotten it done.  What ever happened to customer service??  If you give someone a day that something is supposed to be done and for whatever reason get behind and it’s not going to be done, YOU are supposed to call the client and let them know.  And they probably knew by Thursday that it wasn’t going to be done, especially since they told her it would be Wednesday of next week before it would be ready.  But, I had to drive her around, I had to meet someone to pass off some nutrition surveys I contracted to do for WVU Extension Services, had to meet a couple to arrange a room rental at the community center, then I had to drive another friend to South Charleston for an errand, got back and had to take mom out again.  That was okay because I wanted to go to Family Dollar and Dollar General.  At Family Dollar I found some pajamas I really liked.  *Sigh*  They aren’t expensive, but when you are broke, they might as well be a million dollars. 

SO, I have seven cupcake purse bottoms done, just have to put the “icing” on them with the “sprinkles.”  Then I will probably do some scrubbles.  I pick hubby up today from drill, will probably be leaving at about 2pm.  Tomorrow he needs to email someone about following up on his unit transfer before his current unit causes trouble for him, and possibly about a job *fingers crossed.*  I’m just hoping that if there is a job for him we can still go on our “vacation” before he starts it.  I know that may sound irresponsible, but we’ve been going through so much drama and stress with different situations in our lives in the past few months that I really need to get away and relax.  The camp has always been an escape for me.  I love being in the woods, surrounded by the sounds of nature.  We can go fishing, go for walks, just slow down and be isolated.  We have no phone or television.  That’s what we need.

Well, I need to get back to work.  Those purses won’t crochet themselves.

P.S.  I forgot to include Saturday!  I went to a writer’s meeting at my sister’s house, spent a couple hours there, came home, ate dinner with my mom and brother, then went out with my brother to try some role playing gaming.  THAT was a new experience.  I did get a little crocheting done Saturday morning.  Now, I really have to get off here….


2 thoughts on “Best laid plans….

  1. Busy Busy Busy, Well, that’s a good thing anyway. Yeah you probably need a little R&R from the hustle and bustle, and mechanic shops, and ..Oh yeah, Sam’s should have the Pickled Okra. I think I bought my last jar at Wally World. I just noticed when I posted the link on my site for you…they have changed their label…Maybe they think they will attract a younger consumer group by calling them: Okra Pickles…Hmmm

    I just had to go check, and yes, I have the newer label on my latest jar…which is nearly empty…I can eat a jar at one sitting if I allowed myself to. Anyway, God Bless You and I pray everything evens out for ya’ll.

    • aha! now that you mention it, i remember seeing a jar somewhere that called them okra pickles. i had a walmart just open seven miles down the road. i may have to check it out tomorrow….

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