Rats is chewy….

what's for supper?

rats is chewy

Well, that is what hubby calls it.  It’s actually called ratatouille, and no rats were harmed in the making of this dish — actually I consulted Remy about the recipe.

Not much to it — zucchini, eggplant, tomatoes, carrots, onions, bell peppers and sage sausage.  I also sprinkle some rosemary in it, because I LOVE rosemary.

This pot was so huge I actually had to wait for it to cook down for an hour before I could add the eggplant.  Hubby ate on it for three days.  Hurrah!

Well, it’s that time of year.  I’ve gotten two Christmas orders for crochet items and we have two craft shows geared up — one on October 8 and one on November 12.  I will be working on cupcake purses, scrubbles, earrings and a couple chokers.  I’d like to get another one or two scarves done as well.  Next week when we escape to the woods I should have time to work on stuff.  I will be entering some of my crochet items in the Autumn Festival out there… *holds breath.*

Hubby is away for the weekend, playing soldier.  So I should get some items done this weekend.  It’s a cool, damp, dreary day.  I like these kinds of days.  I like to have the window open and feel the cool breeze, hear the gentle rain falling.  No cooking tonight, i’ve got a DiGiorno’s supreme pizza in the freezer.  yum!


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