ICAD Day 9 — A Tribute

project day nine

project day nine

Today is the twentieth anniversary of my father’s passing.  He was my best friend.  I was his little girl.  He was a kind, gentle, loving man who loved the Word of God and studied it ardently.  He shared that love with everyone he came in contact with.  He wanted to see everyone with a smile on their face.
Today, my father has been gone from my life longer than he was in it.  There is a hole in my life and heart.  I am so sorry that my son didn’t get to know him, and that my father never got to see my son.  But everything is in God’s hands.  I know that losing my father has helped shaped me into the woman I am today.

2 thoughts on “ICAD Day 9 — A Tribute

  1. The wonderful thing about you being you, and partly because of who your dad is to you, is that your Son see’s him everyday. In You of course; I agree all things are in Gods hands, “Thank God” otherwise we would just keep relying on ourselves to get through life… How depressing that would get. I know it has been said many times, and sounds cliche, but I really don’t know how folks who don’t rest in Christ and His finished works for them @ the cross get along in this world. Sorry I haven’t been very active on the blog for a while, though I am dabbling it again a bit…How’s the Novel coming along?

    God Bless You

    • thank you for your kind words. i know what you mean — it does sound cliche, but it is sooo true! the novel is on the back burner for now — i plan on making my “finish it up” attempt this coming november!

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