ICAD Day 6

project day six

stamp images

For today’s index card I decided to share some stamp images from rubber stamps I carved.  A few years ago I was very active in something called “Letterboxing.”  It is a really neat hobby.  You put together a letterbox, which consists of a rubber stamp you carve and a logbook.  You post clues to where you hide this letterbox online (there are a couple depositories online for this) and then wait to see who finds it and leaves their personal stamp images in your logbook.  Of course, for their trouble they stamp their personal logbook with the image of the stamp in the letterbox.  I LOVE doing this, but with a hubby unemployed for two years there just aren’t funds for making letterboxes or driving around to find them.  Before I had to hang up my habit I participated in a postal letterbox ring.  This is where you sign up to participate in a ring with a specific theme.  This theme was Indiana Jones.  Then, you carve your stamp and send the stamp and the logbook in the mail to the next person on the list.  It goes through the list until it returns to your home.  I choose to do Dr. Henry Jones, Sr.  I actually did three stamps — “dad”, “diary” and “X”  Then I threw in two “hitchhikers” which is a letterbox that “hitchhikes” with another.  That one had the “Jones Phobias” — a rat for Dad and a snake for Junior 🙂  Everyone was really impressed with the box I did, both for the carving and the amount of stamps included.  Letterboxers love finding bonus stamps 🙂

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