ICAD Day 3

third icad project

Well, I had illusions of grandeur today and attempted a collage.  I didn’t have much to choose from, I just picked up a few odds and ends, including a fortune from our dinner last night at the Dragon Bowl Chinese Buffet.  The fortune was kind of cute, “An acquaintance of the past will affect you in the near future.”  Our guest enjoyed that and told hubby to watch out there must be an old boyfriend going to pop up.  Not much of a threat as I only had one steady boyfriend before hubby and I started dating.  Hubby’s fortune was “Not even a school teacher notices bad grammar in a compliment.”  He took offense at that, because he we was a Christian school teacher for two years.  He is always correcting our son’s grammar (son’s worst offense is “me and grandma”), however, he can’t spell to save his life.
Not too terribly impressed with my collage, but I got an index card done!!

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