Happy New Year. Bah Humbug.

Seems everyone around me is talking about making resolutions.  Well, I wish them good luck.  I for one have been basically surviving this past year, and in survival mode you don’t have a lot of energy for thinking about making resolutions.  You are just trying to hold on day after day.  I pray hubby will find a job this year and things can go back to “normal” in all areas of our life.

I have met the New Year with no excitement, no joy.  It’s just another day.

One thing I do have to look forward to is finishing my novel.  I pretty well took a break from it in December with everything that was going on then.  I haven’t had much motivation to get back into it yet, I’m still recovering from Christmas.  But I am setting a goal that next week I really crack down and work on it.  I need to rewrite the opening pages because I started off in third person and then switched to first person.  I already have a friend going over it with a fine tooth comb as far as grammar and punctuation.  She has had a career in journalism so that is right up her alley.  I have another friend already set up to read it critically as far as plot, etc.  I do need to line up at least two more people.  I like to have a variety, because then I think I get a more accurate report.

So, here I am trying to get my butt in gear.  I really want to get that proof, and maybe even get it published this year.  That would do a lot to boost my spirits.

Well, off to stir my chili  🙂


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