Christmas Cheer

Well, we’ve wrapped up a wonderful Christmas weekend.  Money has been tight and we didn’t give gifts like we would have liked to, but it made us get more creative.  We had some old and dear friends from Beckley come down.  Originally they were coming down on Christmas Eve to spend the night and be here for Christmas and then return home Christmas evening.  However, with the weather the way it was, we told them to come prepared to stay into Sunday.  Whatever we get, it is 3X as bad in Beckley.  So, they ended up staying over Saturday night as well, and we had our own Sunday morning service together.  Then, we decided that since they also had Monday off, they would just stay until Monday.  So this afternoon we all finally packed up and parted ways.  They said that this had been a much needed mini-vacation for them.  We played Texas Hold’em on Saturday night.  Sunday we watched movies.  It was a wonderful weekend, but also tiring.  I look forward to relaxing tonight and washing my hair.

One thing I did new this year was make mulled cider.  I looked over many recipes, none of which really struck my fancy, but got ideas from each one and decided to try my own concoction.  So, to share with one and all, here it is:

Maggie’s Festive Cider

1 gallon apple cider

2 whole star anise pods

half tablespoon pumpkin pie spice

1 cup Cran-Raspberry juice

1 cup orange juice

1 handfull of cinnamon imperials

Combine all ingredients in large crockpot (mine is 7 quarts) put on high until bubbling and turn down to warm and let sit for 12 hours.

This was a BIG hit at the gathering.  Hope you enjoy!


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