The Home Stretch

Well, I’ve shed a lot of blood, sweat and tears.  I’ve made it to 44,000 words.  I hope to reach 50,000 by Wednesday so I will have the challenge over by Thanksgiving and I won’t be thinking about it.  The story will not be completed by that time, and I will continue working on it until it is finished, especially since one of my NaNo friends told me that one of the prizes for completing NaNo was a free proof of your book from a self-publishing company and if you publish through them the book will be available on  The offer ends in March, so that means I have to have the story finished and revised and polished before March.  I thought NaNo was a challenge!!

But I’m looking forward to Thanksgiving.  We are celebrating a bit non-traditionally this year.  We’ve invited friends who don’t have anywhere better to go (hee hee) and we are going to have a big party.  I’m cooking the turkeys.  Two other girlfriends are bringing veggies and desserts.  We have movies lined up and a bunco tournament with prizes planned.  What gathering would be complete without a game of Phase 10 too?  I may have to buy another deck….  But I am really looking forward to it, especially having NaNo behind me!


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