First Write-In Weekend Down!

Well, I signed up for the challenge.  National Novel Writing Month.  Write 50,000 words in one month.  It sounds like a lot, but after I read the book the guy wrote who started this challenge and learned that it was only about 175 pages, I was like — that’s hardly a book at all!  Shoot, in high school I was just getting started at 175 pages.  However, it’s been a long time since high school and my writing is very rusty.  I didn’t really start thinking about what I wanted to write until about a week before.  I went through three different ideas.  I even spent time detailing five characters for one story line, and November 1st when I started writing went in a completely different direction.  It was a rough start too.  I really struggled getting the first words out.  I continued to plod along for about four pages and finally changed perspective.  It’s flowing easier now.  I’ve always liked writing in third perspective, because I like the omniscience you have, but this character wanted to take control and use her own voice.  I’m interested to see how the story goes.  I already know where I want to end it, but I have no idea how it’s getting there.  That is the fun of writing – kind of like raising children.  You give birth to it, name it, and then it takes on a mind of it’s own and pretty soon you are just along for the ride.

This past weekend was our first write-ins.  We are meeting at the community center on Fridays from 6-10pm, and Saturdays from 5-9 (I don’t like being out late on Saturdays since we usually have church the next morning).  Hubby came along begrudgingly last night.  My mom and brother were also there as we were having a fair committee meeting AND the computer administrator was there trying to decide why we didn’t have internet.  Needless to say, I got very little writing done that evening, and all those people were camped out eating my goodies.  I told hubby he had to be writing in order to get the chocolate and the spiced cider.  By the end of the night I was quite frustrated as I hadn’t made any accomplishments toward adding to my word count and hubby was in a foul mood for “wasting” time there.

Last night a bonafide writer showed up.  Again, hubby was there under protest, and again I told hubby he had to be writing in order to have goodies.  I could enforce it because we were the only ones there 😉  He did start working on something, but he had been playing with figures and stuff so I assumed he was working on some wood craft project.  When we got home he told me he wanted me to read his story.  All he had was this tiny notebook, but he had started a story, and it was very good.  Of course the subject was going to be trapping, a boy becoming a mountain man.  But that idea interests me and it was a very good beginning.  I can’t get him into the concept of just write and go back and edit later.  He was in bed last night reading and rereading, making changes.  Unfortunately the internal editor/critic can be contagious.  I’ll need to keep my distance….

Hopefully today I can break 10k and get caught up to where I should be.  I made a little bookmark with all the word count goals for each day on it and can tick them off as I accomplish them.  I handed them out last night.  Actually two writers showed up — my Mom came in with her laptop for about an hour and got about 1200 words done.  Don’t know if she’s actually going to take a stab at the challenge or not.  But after last night I’m stoked and I think I’ve got the momentum to keep going.  At least till next weekend when I can meet up with some more fellow writers and catch my second wind 🙂

Jaunt on over to my NaNoWriMo profile to read the first paragraph of my story 😉


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