NaNoWriMo Madness

Well, I’ve signed on for National Novel Writing Month madness.  I’m way behind on my word count but hope to catch up this weekend.  I’ll share my opening paragraph to whet your appetite.

The Wetherell Heir

The sound of crunching gravel echoed in her ears as she slowly walked down the pebbled path.  Everything was a greyish hue as mist hung heavily in the air.  She looked around her, confused.  Where was she?  How had she gotten here?  But she continued moving forward, as if drawn against her will.  There was a dark canopy of trees above her and overgrowth on both sides of the path.  Brambles pulled at her skirts.  Startled, she realized she was wearing a pale grey old-style dress with long flowing skirts, a fitted bodice with puffed sleeves at the shoulders which became fitted at her wrists.  There were pearl buttons at her wrists.  She felt to the back of her neck and found more pearl buttons.  Her hand wandered up the back of her head to find her hair captured in a severe bun.  She glanced behind her, but only saw complete darkness swallowing up the path she had come from.  She turned her attention ahead again, and could see the beginning of an opening.  It continued to open up before her to reveal overgrown gardens and the path leading to a large Victorian gingerbread mansion on a knoll.  Mist swirled around the mansion and a moanful whisper seemed to surround her on the breeze.

“Welcome home,” the moanful whisper whipped around her.  Suddenly she felt as if she was being sucked toward the house, her feet hovering over the ground.

“No!” she screamed.


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