Journaling Prompts 8/9

MONDAY:  What is your favorite childhood summer memory?

TUESDAY:  Go out after dark and catch fireflies.  Write about the experience.  How did it make you feel?  Did memories come to mind?

WEDNESDAY:  Go out after dark, lie out in the yard and stare at the stars for at least 10 minutes.  Let your mind wander.  Write about the experience.

THURSDAY:  Have you ever made homemade icecream?  What kind is your favorite?  If you’ve never had homemade icecream, what is your favorite store-bought kind and why?  Describe it — how it looks and tastes.

FRIDAY:  If you’ve ever eaten watermelon, how do you like to eat it?  What games have you played eating watermelon?  If you’ve never played games with watermelon, research them and write about it.

SATURDAY:  What is your favorite summer holiday/occasion and why?

SUNDAY:  What kind of animals do you see in the summer?  Which is your favorite?  Why?

SPIRITUAL:  Do you think there is a “summer season” to your spiritual journey?  Explain.

Daily Bible Reading

John Chapter 4

Day 1: v1-11

Day 2: v12-24

Day 3: v25-38

Day 4: v39-45

Day 5: v46-54


For tips on Bible journaling to get more out of your daily readings, visit the “Bible Journaling” tab at the top of the page.


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