Journaling Prompts 7/5

MONDAY:  What are your favorite summer activities?

TUESDAY:  Where is your favorite place for summer vacation, and why?

WEDNESDAY:  What would you most like to do this summer?

THURSDAY:  What would be your dream summer vacation?

FRIDAY:  What is your favorite summer vacation memory?

SATURDAY:  What summer traditions does your family have?

SUNDAY:  What do you like most about summer?  What do you like least about summer?

SPIRITUAL:  How can you make your summer more meaningful, spiritually?

Daily Bible Reading

John Chapter 3

Day 1: v1-8

Day 2: v9-15

Day 3: v16-21

Day 4: v22-28

Day 5: v29-36 

For tips on Bible journaling to get more out of your daily readings, visit the “Bible Journaling” tab at the top of the page.



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