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I recently saw some posts on what they watch on tv and it got me thinking about what I watch.  There are so many reality shows on tv that are way over the top.  Maybe these people are really the way they appear on tv, but I can’t help but think that they are playing to an audience.  I don’t go for drama or divas.

The reality tv I like are Pawn Stars, American Pickers and Forensic Files.  I’m a CSI junkie, but the real thing, not those dramas.  Pawn Stars and American Pickers are two shows hubby and I can both watch and enjoy.  Hubby really likes antiques.  I like the stories behind the antiques.  I usually get to watch Forensic Files once a month when hubby is away at drill (like this weekend, yeah!)

There isn’t a lot of fictional tv I’m really interested in.  I think tv has really gone down hill in the past decade.  I like the old shows:  F Troop, The Dick Van Dyke Show, Hogan’s Heroes, The Addams Family (all time fave).  A series in the early 90’s I liked was The Adventures of Brisco County, Jr.  That show introduced me to Bruce Campbell.  I enjoyed his guest spots on Xena:  Warrior Princess too.  There was the short-lived Jack of All Trades which hubby and I enjoy, but it isn’t exactly a family friendly show like Brisco County.  One show I do like is The Mentalist, because it is a modern day Sherlock Holmes type of show (and Holmes is my all time fave hero) but it’s on too late for me, so I hope to collect the series on DVD.  I also liked Monk, but it was the same deal.  I have managed to get season 1 of Monk and hope to collect that series as well.  My sister used to tell me I was OCD, and I ignored her.  Then I saw an episode of Monk and I thought OMG, she’s right!  So now I recognize and embrace my OCD, but I’m not nearly as bad as Monk.  Just don’t ask to borrow my crayons and mess up the order they are in.  Firing squad offence!  That’s a story all in itself.

Another thing is all the movie remakes lately.  You know, if someone said they were going to remake Gone With the Wind, the person would probably get death threats.  You don’t mess with classics.  And some of the movies they are remaking are considered classics.  I think people are getting lazy and trying to make a buck off someone else’s  success.  Well, remakes rarely measure up.  Remakes I won’t be seeing is the new Get Smart movie or the recently released A-Team movie.  I’m sorry, but George Peppard made the role of Hannibal and I think it’s sacrilege to have someone replace him and remake the character.  It’s lost it’s spirit.  I’ll stop ranting now.

But mostly I prefer the few reality shows I watch.  Another one hubby and I watch is Ghosthunters.  Very interesting.  We particularly like Ghost Hunters International because of the European locations — very old and interesting histories.

So, I guess I’m kind of dull as far as my tv habits, but that is okay.

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3 thoughts on “Reality TV

  1. Nice post. I am not familiar with most of the Shows you are talking about, but you got me interested.
    And you are right: there is no exciting shows anymore… or is it because it is becoming so difficult for us viewers to get excited?

  2. No Trapper,
    You’re anything but dull. Yeah Pawn Stars, American Pickers, and of course, my all time favorite Antique Roadshow just seem to get my blood flowing.

    Lord knows it’s not the acting. And yeah I feel pretty sure that many of the participants,are hand picked for the roles; Thank God.

    I mean, Chumlee is not an actor, but, without Chumlee (and all the main characters really) the show would hands down wain in comparison to an Antique Road show episode.(in my opinion)

    But, in a way I think Chumlee is a good actor, in that he down plays his intelligence on most of the episodes. Or, the producers and the old man do it for him, yet, he plays it off really well in his witty replies. And many times I think to the extent of surprising those he works with, and that’s to me where the spontaneous reality comes in.

    Still, what I really like about those shows is like you, and your hubby, and that is the collectibles, and the history behind them.

    Like you, I watched Ghost hunters for a while, mostly for the travel, folklore, mystery and intrigue, of the people, places, and ambiance. Certainly not from the shadows, lights, and electronic spikes on some multi-meter supposedly wired to pick up disembodied spirits.

    Hey, I’m not saying they don’t exist, but, those are the things that made me stop watching Ghost Hunters, and a few other networks spoofs of the show. I mean, hey, if you’re going to use those things, hunting for ghost, I want to see a ghost once in a while.

    Which, that of course is one thing that I can say about Ghost Hunters. Out of all the many other Ghost Tracking shows that have begun to haunt the different networks, obviously to try and compete with that one, Ghost Hunters is the one least likely to try and fake a sighting, or, to make more out of a shadow, or creak than any of the other shows I’ve seen.

    I just got burned out from seeing, and hearing the same gadgets making the same noises, and indications, that are never really distinguishable from static, magnetic electrical frequencies,or a ghost.

    But, that’s probably why, as you pointed out in the first paragraph of your post, there are so many different reality shows, and settings. Because, there are so many different personalities and interest among those of us who rely on the TV to help fill some of our desires, and interest, when we can’t actually go,see and do those things in person.

    Wow, this really brings so many things to mind. All of them good of course, for those of us who know the Lord. I mean, having so many choices of remotely selectable shows to watch just, at the touch of our finger tips is great.

    And, being blessed to have someone who shares the same interest, and values, enough to actually enjoy the same shows together, out of so many to choose from is truly wonderful.

    But, and I know how unpopular it is in most circles to mention “End Times” (we of course, know it better as the end of the age) Nonetheless, I must admit with all the things taking place around us on the world stage today, your mentioning of the reality shows going over the top,
    brought my thoughts to, not only are some over the top, in their content, and obscurities, but, of how many different ones there actually are.

    I recently wrote a post called ( Say end time in time) and I pray that it conveys the message that I was truly trying to exude, as well, as I pray that somehow, God will bring it to the attention of those who really need to read it. Anyway, I’m sure you can relate to what I am trying to say here.

    Sadly, I also know that many out there do not share the knowledge that as Jesus put it in Matthew 24, and other places, the (end of the age) is a new beginning, and not really about the end. It’s about blessings, and not curses.

    Anyway, I know I am preaching to the choir here on that subject, but, the more I read,and write, and interact with others, the more the things of the Lord come to my mind.
    I know I have taken up way to much of your comment space here, but, I had to sort of set the tone for the point that I am tying to make.

    I’ve done a rather extensive study on the significances of numbers in Gods word, over the years, as well, as observed so much of how they intuitively enumerate sequentially to those things in life. And, along with all the other studies, and observations taking place around us these days, the first thing that came to my mind when I read your post was the population factor in the world today.

    Seriously, I know this is a lot words to say it, but, I couldn’t very well just start out in the first line in response to a post about a TV show, to say , that in 2011, the population of the world is expected to reach for the first time ever 7 Billion people. And, I don’t have to tell you of the significance of the number seven.

    Just wanted to leave you with some deeper thoughts about things being so eclectic in our choices and availabilities.
    Sorry it was so long winded.

    God Bless

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