Journaling Prompts 6/14

MONDAY:  June is a popular month for weddings.  When were you married and why, or when would you like to get married and why?

TUESDAY:  What wedding traditions does your family observe?

WEDNESDAY:  What wedding traditions did you observe or would you like to incorporate into your wedding?

THURSDAY:  What songs do you want played at your wedding and why?  If you are already married, what songs were played and why?

FRIDAY:  If you are planning your wedding are there things you want to do and feel you can’t due to someone else’s dictates?  If so, what are they?  If you are already married, did you have to changes things you really wanted to please someone else?  Explain.

SATURDAY:  Traditional vows or customized?  Why?

SUNDAY:  Get married or live together?  Why?

SPIRITUAL PROMPT:  Each believer is a bride of Christ.  What does it mean to you as a Christian to have Christ as your future groom?


John 1, part 2

Day One: v29-34

Day Two: v35-39

Day Three: v40-42

Day Four: v43-46

Day Five: v47-51

For tips on Bible journaling to get more out of your daily readings, visit the “Bible Journaling” tab at the top of the page.

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