My Next Fix

My understanding of drug addiction is academic.  From what I have read, after each fix the addict lives for the next.  I would have to say that is true of my pen addiction.  No sooner than I have found the ultimate pen, and tried it out, I’m out there scoping for the next ultimate pen.

I found two more sets of Inc. Brand pens at Walmart.

the Inc. Magnatank gel pens

The first set has regular colors: black, blue, red, green and purple.  The black started writing right away.  It seemed to flow very nicely.  The blue didn’t seem to be as smooth as the black but it was good.  The red seemed a little scratchy, but wrote well.  The green was about the same performance as the blue, but the purple seemed a bit sporatic.  I wrote a couple more sentences with each and they straightened out and wrote very well.

These pens claim to fame (from the packaging) is that they have a large ink tank so they should last a long time.  They do seem to be loaded to the brim with ink.  These pens were fine points, at 0.5mm.

The back of the package claims:

— S.H.V. (Super High Volume) ink cartridge

— 3x the ink of other gel pens

— precision Swiss tip

— Rubberized comfort grip

— sturdy ABS plastic barrel


the Inc. Magnablast pens

The next set were bright colors.  These were the Magna Blast pens.  The colors were neon pink, flourescent orange, lime green, teal blue and purple.  These had an 0.8mm tip, so they were mediums.  The pink flowed right away, a broad, bold line and color.  The orange started good but then faded away.  The green and the blue both flowed, but was a little watery feeling.  The purple wrote well.  I then played with the orange a little and after a couple of sentences it started writing smooth and bold.

Like the Magnatanks, these pens have large ink supplies.  They seem to be really good deals.  I think that Inc. brand pens are becoming a favorite of mine.

The back of the package claims:

— the optimum pairing of a high quality tip and soft smooth ink creates bold vivid lines

— 3x the ink of regular gel pens

— soft comfort grip

More for your money!

Each set was almost $6, but if they last a long time I will be very pleased.

The Inc. brand seems to be manufactured under Peachtree Playthings which was founded in 1990, with a headquarters in Marietta, GA and Asian headquarters in Hong Kong.

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