Bible Journaling Follow-Up

A few days ago I posted an entry on Bible journaling.  I gave three guide questions and five daily readings.  These readings are “bite-sized” and that may concern some because they may feel that it’s not enough.  I want to remind you that it isn’t the quantity of Bible reading you do, but the quality.  When the Bible begins speaking to you, then you will naturally start reading more and more of it, so to start off just read a little at a time, focusing on meaningful readings.

Another concern you might have is that I only gave 5 daily readings.  You might ask, shouldn’t I be reading every day?  Well, I suggest that you have two days free in case you miss a day or otherwise get behind on your reading through the week.  Also, having two days open allows you the time to REVIEW what you read and wrote the week before.  Face it, we don’t have total recall.  In order to get more out of our Bible reading we need to take time periodically to review what we read and what God revealed to us.  Reading it again at the end of the week when things are still fresh is the best time because it helps “seal it away.”  Then in a few weeks you should review again.  Each time you review it will be reinforced and it will begin to transfer from short-term memory into long-term.

Weekly Review:

Take the time to read over the previous week’s entries and answer these questions —

1)  How faithful was I in doing each day’s reading?  How can I improve?

2)  What particularly stood out to me in my readings and insights this week?

3)  How has scripture helped me in my day-to-day living this week?

4)  What one thing stands out that I should share with someone else?  Who are they and how will I share it?

5)  Focus on the one verse that stood out to you each day.  Read them together.  Do you gain new insights?  Does something jump out and grab you?  What is it?  What do you think God is trying to impress on you?

From now on I will be posting daily Bible readings along with the weekly journaling prompt list.  Enjoy!

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