My Corner of the Universe

my fortress of solitude

I can’t think of much to write about today, so I decided to share my special place for journaling.  I have a corner carved out of the livingroom (which isn’t used for living in).  This house belonged to my grandparents, so this recliner was my grandfather’s, in the same spot he had it.  I have simply added some personal touches to make it mine.  I love sheep, so I have a sheep blanket on the back of the chair.  I love stuffed animals, so I have Rodney and Rhonda sitting over my shoulder.  Off to the left of the chair I have a bin where I keep extra writing paper and assorted pens.  On the chair is my portable writing tote. I keep a notebook and pencil case in it, ready to go.

a side view that includes my music media

I took another photo from the side so you can see my 5 disc CD player.  I will load it up with Enya CDs and settle down for some quality escapism.  You can also see my shoebox FULL of various colored writing utensils.  I take my pens very seriously!

Overall, it is cozy and condusive for me to sit and write and leave the world behind.  Something I find I need more and more lately.

It is important in journaling to have a spot to claim as your own where you can go, that fits you like a glove and invites you to come write.

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2 thoughts on “My Corner of the Universe

  1. Seems to me then honey,
    The one place in the living room, which is set aside not to be lived in, is the one place that brings forth the most life.
    God Bless you …keep up the wonderful work.

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