Captured Moments (Methods)

Captured moments are also known as vignettes, or small snatches of life — just like a photograph.  Captured moments are glimpses of intense feeling or treasured experiences.  Often these are a first crush, first kiss, first dance, a baptism or graduation — anything that left a lasting impression on you and you’d like to relive that moment again and again.  Or even share it with someone else.

Sometimes the best way to do a captured moment is to use a photo as a springboard.  Find an old photo of an important event in your life.  Stare at it and analyze it minutely.  Try to put yourself back in the situation.  Who was there?  What did you feel like?  What was happening?  What sensations were there — how did your clothing feel, was it hot or cold, what sounds did you hear?  What scents did you smell?  What things were said?  When did this happen?  Continue to ask yourself questions based on “who, what, where, when, why and how.”  Add to it as new memories come to mind.  Ask others who where there some of the same questions to add to the account.  Tuck it away in your journal for later enjoyment.

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4 thoughts on “Captured Moments (Methods)

  1. Yes, journaling is certainly something that we could all always fall back onto much of our life experiences by. Some good, some bad, but, I thank you for reminding me once again, that had I of been journaling everyday of my life, much of the bad, would have turned out better, as I would have been more in touch with myself, and God.

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