My Addiction (Review)

I have an addiction, and it is pens.  I LOVE pens.  All kinds of pens.  I’m also a bit of a pen connoisseur (otherwise known as a snob)  I can’t pass up colored pens, sparkly inks, etc.  I have to try everything out at least once.  I did some pen evaluations this weekend.

pretty colors, lots of ink

I’ve been seeing Inc. brand pens for awhile, and there were two sets at Dollar General in Marlinton for good prices.  The five pack of R-2 Blasts were $2 and the six-pack of Starlightz were $3.

The R-2 Blasts practically started writing as soon as the tip touched the page.  They had a bold line and wrote really smoothly — like they could run away with you.  For some reason the green and blue ones seemed to be a bit watery or runnier than the others, but they dried without dark blots of ink at the end of the letters.  I really liked the rubber grips where my fingers rested and they had nice grooves for good traction.

gorgeous colors and smooth writing

The Starbrightz also started writing right away.  I remember the days when you had to run a pen back and forth to prime it and get it running.  I could get spoiled with this kind of response!  These pens are really fun because they have glitter ink.  They wrote smoothly and boldly with a good amount of sparkle.  Some you had to tilt the the page a little, but there was sparkle everywhere, not sporatic like some pens I’ve used.  These pens had really nice comfy gel grips with grooves for added traction.  I can’t say it enough — these pens are fun, fun, fun!

nice colors

About a month ago, during our last trip to the cabin, I picked up a set of colored pens at Family Dollar.  It was a set of six fashion gel pens by Merangue.  There are two metallics, three sparkles and one neon.  They also started writing right away.  They all had nice colors.  The silver one was a bit scratchy.  The down side was that they had hard rubber grips that were a bit slick.  The pink neon really was bright, so they lived up to their claims.

gorgeous and smooth

Two months ago, during our first trip to the cabin, I picked up a set of Pentel Sunburst Metallics at Rite-Aid.  They are medium tipped and come in colors of blue, dark pink, green, purple and light pink.  the light pink has a tendancy to fade in and out, but the rest of the pens write really well and are very pretty.  I love using these pens.

The pens I got in my JetPens order are very nice.  I like my Plumix, which I will probably use for everyday writing.  The Platinum Preppies write well, but the 0.3 is a bit too fine for me.  So I’ve arranged a swap with a friend to get them in 0.5.  One downside I saw to the blue/black preppy was that the ink seemed to fade after a couple of days.  It didn’t seem to be as dark when I wrote it and after it dried.  Maybe I’m just imagining things.  But I do intended to get several of the Preppies to have in my roll up case for my journal writing.  A different color depending on mood 😉

I will have more reviews later, because I just got two new sets of Inc. pens I need to try out!

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3 thoughts on “My Addiction (Review)

  1. Hi

    You visited my site, so thought I’d pop over and see yours. I love your pen obsession and the fact that you write about it. It is sweet and very authentic.

    I’ve never really been one for writing but starting a blog has awakened something in me and I am really enjoying it, despite the fact that my writing is very avareage. Will pop over to you from time to time for inspiration!


    • thanks for your comments! i enjoyed reading your blog. i like to learn about different places. you write just fine — don’t worry about trying to please an audience. just be yourself, write for your own enjoyment. i would suggest putting your blog entries in a scrapbook or something so you can always have these memories.

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