My Weekend (and JetPens order)

We spent the weekend at the family cabin.  Last month when we arrived there was a bird’s nest over the door.  This month, there were babies!

babies waiting for mama

Hubby and I went up a day before, because the chimney sweep was supposed to show up on Friday, but we didn’t know WHEN on Friday.  We spent all day Friday hanging around the cabin and finally didn’t think he was coming.

My mother, brother and son came up on Friday, arriving at about 11:30am  Mom brought me my JetPens order, which must have come in Thursday’s mail.  We left Thursday morning, before the mail ran.  I was very excited.

my first JetPens order

Here is my first JetPens order.  I got a pencil case, a blue/black Platinum Preppy and a pink Platinum Preppy, both are fountain pens.  I also got a Pilot Plumix with purple refills.  I got refills for the preppies too.  Now I’m just waiting until I can place my next order 🙂

My family settled in, we had dinner late, and THEN the chimney sweep shows up.  It had to be 7pm.  And he had bad news.  The liner inside the fireplace is completely rusted out so it can’t be used.  He said we might find someone to weld in a new piece, but most likely we will need to install an insert.  He’s looking into them for us and will call us at home.

Saturday we went into town, did some shopping and stopped by the Snak Shak for some Tropical Snos.  I always get peach.  Yum, yum!

Now we are home and it’s back to the daily grind  😦

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