My Journal Collection

journals I've kept over the years

This is my journal collection.  I’ve been journaling since about 1980.  My verse first one is the little green one with the kitty on the front.  My Mom bought it for me on a shopping trip to Kmart in Kanawha City one evening.  It was a five-year diary, so there were only a few lines on each page for five different years.  Seeing as I was roughly eight years old at the time, it was plenty.

The next journal I had was the bright pink one.  There was a book club called “Especially for Girls” and you got a free journal with your introductory book shipment.  We probably got two shipments, but the books were not interesting to me.  They were those girly, teen-aged soap opera-y books.  I think one was from the Sweet Valley High series.  I was reading Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes stories at this point, so those kinds of books simply didn’t interest me.  I did thoroughly enjoy the diary, though.  It came with glittery stickers, so that was a plus.  I got another Especially for Girls journal the next year, it is behind the first one.  After that I just bought a blank book for my journal, and I used that in high school.  It is the navy floral one in the back.  My next one was another five-year diary (though we didn’t know it at the time, it was catalog ordered.)  I wanted it as a birthday gift, got a cello imprinted on it and my initials applied.  It was schmancy 😉

The marbled book off the the left was my Sherlock Holmes scrapbook.  At the time Granada was producing a series on the Doyle stories featuring Jeremy Brett as the detective.  I LOVED that series (and God bless my brother, he just recently bought the collection for me and I am eagerly anticipating it to arrive in the mail)  What I did was clip everything in the TV Guide having to do with that series or with Sherlock Holmes at all and taped it into my scrapbook.  I would put the episode descriptions on top of a page and then write about what the show was really like on the rest of the page, including information that was important to me.

The little locking journal underneath the Sherlock Holmes scrapbook was my dream journal I kept through high school and college.

The pastel “watercolour” journal on the right was my college journal.  As you can see, I’ve been writing down memories for quite a few years.  It is interesting to go back and read them at times.  Some of the earlier ones I often think, how childish!  But I remind myself, I WAS a child back then and the things I was writing and feeling were real to me.  I had limited knowledge and experience, so my outlook was very different.  It shows me how far I’ve come.

tools of my trade now

Now I use a notebook system of journaling.  About twelve years ago I got a lovely journal called The Woman’s Book of Changes from Tools With Heart.  It has a lovely tapesty cover and there are different colored pages for the different seasons.  I use a Pilot Varsity pen most often when I write in it.  There are also pages for dreams — they are purple 🙂  This is the journal I do my daily pondering in.

Underneath that is the My Partner Prayer Notebook from Becky Tirabassi.  I love the way this journal is set up.  It takes you through steps of prayerful meditation and Bible reading.  It really helps me slow down and spend time thinking about God and being in His presence.

When I fill up these journals, or in the Book of Changes when I finish a season, I combine pages from both journals and transfer them into a plain black binder, using a tab to divide them by months.  It is very interesting two see the two parts come together and see how the two fit together.  If I was really organized, I’d develop an index for each binder, but I’m not.  That’s a little too structured for my artistic nature.

the outside front covers of my two journals

The covers of these journals are very inviting to me, which helps with my habit of writing.  It’s like sitting down with an old friend and visiting for awhile.

This is the system that works for me, and how my habit developed over the years.  But what is important is that you find what is comfortable and works for you.  I hope to help you in that journey!

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