Springboards (Methods)

Probably the two most common methods of journaling are freewriting (also known as stream of consciousness or free-intuitive writing) and springboards (also known as prompts).  Since one of the most common hinderances to journaling is “writer’s block” or a lack of anything to write about, I will deal with springboards first.

Springboards, or prompts, are ideas to help you get journaling.  They can be a word, a song, a quote, a question or a picture — anything that gets your mind working.  At the beginning of the week I posted one question for each day,  a question that is designed to get you thinking and hopefully writing about what comes to mind.  The mind can be a tricky thing.  I don’t often pursue a stray thought very far unless I start writing about it.  Then, I can be quite surprised where I can end up!  When you get lost in the writing process, that is when the things you’ve been avoiding can come out.  It is the time when two and two come together to make four and you experience an epiphany about something you’ve been pondering.  When I get writing, I can get to a point where things begin to form on the page that I haven’t even consciously acknowledged yet and I gain valuable insights.

Start a springboards journal.  Get a pocket-sized notebook to carry with you and jot down things you see or hear that catch your interest — words, pictures, sentences, quotations, etc.  Then when you sit down to journal, flip through and pick one.  Take turns going down the list or just flipping the pages and sticking your finger on a spot to pick which prompt you use. Perhaps start with this one:

“The unexamined life is not worth living.”  — Socrates

Please leave a comment and tell me about the springboard journal you start!

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One thought on “Springboards (Methods)

  1. Great blog. I have been trying to improve my journaling habbits. I like the idea of using starter questions. Thanks for checking out my post on SOAP journaling. God Bless.

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