Memorial Day

Here is a prompt for each day of the week:

MONDAY:  What does Memorial Day mean to you?

TUESDAY:  What family traditions do you observe on Memorial Day?

WEDNESDAY:  What role has the military played in your family?

THURSDAY:  What importance do you think Memorial Day plays to our nation?

FRIDAY:  What is the history of Memorial Day?  (hint: you may have to do a little research, try wikipedia)

SATURDAY:  What do you feel when you see red, white and blue, or hear patriotic songs?

SUNDAY:  What do you most appreciate, or most hate, about Memorial Day?

SPIRITUAL PROMPT:  The Lord instituted Passover as a memorial day for the Israelites.  What kind of spiritual memorial days have you experienced in your life?

If you blog about any of these prompts, please place a link to your blog as a comment on this entry, and let me know which prompt you were using.  You can just put the day in parenthesis before your blog link.  Happy writing!

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